New York Defective Product Lawyer

Our team at Richmond Vona, LLC, can assist with all your legal needs if you sustained an injury caused by a faulty product. A New York defective product lawyer can step in and go over your options for filing a product liability claim.

Working with a New York personal injury lawyer can help you feel more confident about your ability to seek compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses. We put you first and focus on the details of your claim.

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When Should You Hire a Defective Product Attorney?

New York uses complicated strict liability laws for many defective product cases. A New York defective product attorney can help you understand product liability laws and how they impact your ability to secure compensation.

A skilled personal injury law firm can also help you with defective product cases involving negligence. Our team can step in to assist if you used a product according to all directions and sustained an injury.

You can contact us for help with claims involving defective medical devices, car parts, kitchen appliances, and more.

What Is Strict Liability for Defective Product Cases?

New York follows a strict liability doctrine for many defective product claims. This doctrine means that your lawyer doesn’t need to prove negligence or fault on the manufacturer’s part. Instead, your New York defective product lawyer only has to show that:

  • The product had a defect
  • The defect existed at the time the product left the manufacturer’s possession
  • The defect caused your injury.

Under New York law, a product can be considered defective due to a mistake during manufacturing, defective design, or if the manufacturer failed to provide adequate warnings about potential dangers.

Plaintiffs do not need to prove why the defect occurred under strict liability, just that it existed and caused harm. This regulation makes it generally easier for injured plaintiffs to recover damages from manufacturers.

What Compensation do You Get for a Defective Product Claim?

Working with a defective product lawyer in New York can allow you to secure compensation for all your losses. Our team focuses on bringing you funds to cover your:

Medical Expenses in New York

Defective products can result in burns, internal injuries, broken bones, and more. You can see funds to cover the costs of medical treatments, surgeries, hospital stays, medications, or any other healthcare required to treat injuries caused by the defective product.

Lost Income and the Loss of Future Earnings

A lawyer can seek funds to compensate you for any income or wages lost if the injury from the product prevented you from working for a period of time.

If the injury is permanent and reduces your ability to work and earn income in the future, you may seek additional compensation for your lost earning potential.

Likewise, if your injury results in permanent disability, our team may seek funds to cover the costs of assistance, adaptive devices, home healthcare, and other disability-related expenses.

Pain and Suffering in New York

We strive to bring you compensation for any physical pain, discomfort, mental distress, or emotional trauma suffered due to your injury. You can learn more about these non-economic losses with a defective product lawyer in New York.

The total value of a defective product claim depends on many factors, like the severity of the injury, liability proof, and responsible parties. An experienced defective product attorney in New York can fully assess potential damages.

How does Your Defective Product Attorney Help?

When you hire a New York defective product lawyer, they can provide full assistance with every aspect of your claim. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your next steps and answer your questions.

Our team also investigates your defective product accident to build a claim. We can:

  • Review your medical records
  • Obtain similar products to see if they have the same defects.
  • Interview witnesses to get useful accounts of what occurred
  • Research product history to see if there are any past recalls, complaints, lawsuits, incidents, or investigations related to defects in the same product
  • Consult experts like engineers, doctors, or scientists to provide expert reports on defects
  • Review the manufacturing process to identify flaws in manufacturing, quality control issues, or design defects
  • Analyze warning labels and product instructions
  • Assess compliance with applicable safety standards or industry regulations

Thorough investigation and documentation provide the foundation for a strong defective product liability claim. Experienced lawyers know how to build these cases. We can focus on negotiating a settlement or helping you with a lawsuit.

Why Choose Us for a Product Defect Case in New York?

Our team at Richmond Vona, LLC, brings you over 30 years of combined experience. We use our deep understanding of New York’s legal system to personalize our services, focusing on getting to know you and providing transparent communication.

Our lawyers work with smaller caseloads, giving them more time to provide you with personal attention as we focus on the details of your claim. We stand behind our record of success, proudly bringing clients over $175 million in compensation.

You can review our case results to learn more about how we help clients like you.

Speak to Us After a Defective Product Injury in New York

A New York defective product lawyer from Richmond Vona, LLC, can address all your legal concerns after an accident. We’re ready to stand up for you, represent you with insurance agents, and focus on all your financial losses.

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