Car crashes remain the number one cause of personal injuries and untimely deaths in New York and around the country. The high speeds and heavy weights of the vehicles involved in these collisions can leave people with life-altering injuries that affect them for the foreseeable future. Because of these factors, all drivers assume a duty to protect everyone else they may encounter while behind the wheel. If their negligence causes another to suffer an injury, they can be held liable for all resulting damage.

A Cheektowaga car accident lawyer is ready to prove that another driver was responsible for a collision that resulted in your injuries. Our experienced personal injury attorneys are prepared to fight on your side against insurance companies that may be denying responsibility for the crash or debating the extent of your losses. Reach out today to begin reviewing the details of your event.

Establishing Liability for a Car Crash

People looking to collect compensation for their losses from car wrecks must show that another driver was to blame for the accident. Many collisions are the result of violations of the rules of the road. Speed limits, the requirement to stop at red lights, and the laws that require drivers to use headlights after dark all exist to protect the health of travelers. A driver violating these regulations before a crash can be held responsible for an accident.

In situations where it is not apparent that a defendant driver broke the law, it may still be possible to hold them liable for a collision. Even in cases where a crash was the result of simple carelessness, the law must still place the responsibility for a crash on someone. However, according to New York Civil Practice Law and Rules § 1411, courts will evaluate the actions of all parties to a collision and assign blame accordingly. Our Cheektowaga attorneys are ready to obtain the evidence needed to show that another driver was entirely to blame for a car crash and fight back against accusations of shared fault.

Pursuing Cases for their Appropriate Value

At Richmond Vona, LLC, our attorneys recognize that car crashes can devastate a person’s life. We also know that every case is unique and that what is valid for one person may not apply to another. With these ideas in mind, our team works to evaluate how every case has affected each individual person.

All claims will revolve around physical injuries. These may include:

  • Severe cuts, bruises, scrapes, and broken bones
  • Whiplash
  • Neck injuries
  • Burns
  • Crush injuries or amputations
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Paralysis
  • Traumatic brain injuries

Every case will also seek out the payments needed to cover all necessary medical care. This includes both past costs and estimated future needs.

However, physical injuries are not the only potential consequences of these events. Car wrecks may also force a person to make major changes to their routines and compromise their ability to spend time with loved ones. They could also leave a victim unable to return to work to support their family. An auto collision attorney in Cheektowaga is ready to determine a case’s true value and pursue fair payments that meet the injured party’s needs.

Reach Out to a Cheektowaga Car Accident Attorney for Help Pursuing Compensation

Car crashes have the potential to change every part of your life. This includes inflicting serious physical injuries, debilitating psychological trauma, and leaving you unable to work. While it is true that every wreck is someone’s fault, the law never presumes that another driver was to blame because of the extent of your injuries. You always bear the burden of proving responsibility for a crash.

A Cheektowaga car accident lawyer is ready to help you establish liability for your losses. Our dedicated team of attorneys can work to thoroughly investigate the crash and understand how it has affected your life. Call Richmond Vona, LLC today for a free consultation.

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