Williamsville Premises Liability Lawyer

Getting injured in an accident is confusing and disruptive, but it might be even more so if you were away from home when it happened. You might not know who is responsible for the property and where to turn for compensation. A determined personal injury attorney can help you answer those questions.

If you were hurt on another party’s property due to negligence, a Williamsville premises liability lawyer at Richmond Vona, LLC, can investigate the incident, determine who is liable, and assert a demand for damages. Contact us today to learn more about your legal options.

Common Premises Liability Scenarios

In New York, inclement weather contributes to many slip and fall incidents. Property owners must remove snow from sidewalks and outdoor stairs within a reasonable period and must lay salt or sand to prevent ice formation. Failing to take these basic steps could result in them being held liable for any injuries sustained.

Other conditions and events that could lead to a premises liability lawsuit include:

  • Drowning or near drowning in a public or private pool or spa
  • Injuries suffered in an apartment building fire
  • Toxic exposure to contaminants in water, soil, or building materials
  • Losses due to bedbugs, rats, mold, or other infestations
  • Injuries from unsafe conditions in gyms and other recreational facilities
  • Losses suffered from criminal acts if the owner’s measures to deter crime were inadequate

Premises liability can arise in almost any context where a property owner’s negligence leads to physical harm. An injured person who does not know whether their situation qualifies as premises liability can contact a knowledgeable Williamsville attorney who will listen to and analyze the details of the event to determine who is at fault.


Proving Negligence in a Premises Liability Case

The traditional system of premises liability imposes different duties on the people who control a property depending on the reason a visitor was there. For example, business owners have a more stringent duty to their customers than a host has to their social guests. However, New York has moved to a negligence standard that calls for everyone who owns or controls access to a property to maintain it so that it is safe for anticipated visitors. They must warn guests of any hazards they cannot repair promptly.

If the property owner’s negligence led to an accident that caused a loss, the property owner may be liable. A Williamsville premises liability attorney can investigate an accident to determine whether a land, business, or homeowner exercised reasonable care in a specific case.

Waivers of Liability Are Not Always Enforceable

Sometimes, an injured person might think they do not have a legal case because they signed a liability waiver. Many business owners, recreational facilities, and sports leagues require patrons to sign a waiver before they allow them to participate in their offerings.

It is always worthwhile to consult with an attorney about the viability of a claim that involves a waiver of liability. Courts in the state enforce these documents but interpret them narrowly to avoid injustice to an injured party. This means claiming damages under premises liability law could still be possible despite signing a waiver.

Contact a Williamsville Premises Liability Attorney if You Get Hurt While Away From Home

When an accident happens while you are on another party’s property—whether you were at a business, visiting a friend, or just walking along the sidewalk—you might have a premises liability claim. In addition, this concept could apply if you develop a health condition because of a hidden hazard at your apartment building or workplace.

Our Williamsville premises liability lawyers understand this complicated area of law and can help you hold the responsible parties accountable. Call Richmond Vona, LLC today to begin reviewing your case.

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