Five People Hurt in a Multi-Vehicle Accident in Buffalo

According to a report from Buffalo News, five people were injured in a multi-vehicle collision near the 1800 block of Broadway. All five people involved in the crash were transported by ambulance to the local emergency medical centers. Unfortunately, two of the people suffered serious injuries—with one of them being extricated from the damaged vehicle by city firefighters. A representative for the Buffalo Police Department told reporters that the auto accident is still under investigation.

Motor Vehicle Accidents Are a Major Problem in Buffalo

Our city sees far more than its fair share of serious motor vehicle accidents. Last year, the Buffalo News reported on a study that found that Buffalo had the “worst drivers” of any major city in New York state. The methodology of the study was relatively straightforward: Researchers reviewed comprehensive auto insurance claims data by city. Here is what they found:

  • In Buffalo, the average driver makes a car accident claim approximately once every 7.9 years.
  • In the United States, the average driver makes a car accident claim approximately once every 10.6 years.
  • The drivers in Buffalo ranked 5th out of New York’s five largest cities.

Across the entire country, Buffalo’s drivers ranked 148th out of America’s 200 largest cities. Drivers in Buffalo get into car accidents nearly twice as often as do drivers in the cities with the safest roads. The city actually got a mild boost as part of a weather-based adjustment. In the raw data, Buffalo ranked 166th out 200. While not at the very bottom of the list nationwide, it is still an alarming statistic that shows that our city has a long way to go to improve traffic safety.

Hard Braking Events Are Relatively Common in Buffalo

In addition to auto accident insurance claims data, researchers also compiled data on ‘hard braking events’ across many large cities. A hard-braking event occurs when a vehicle decelerates by 7.5 miles per hour within one second. In effect, it means that the driver was essentially forced to slam on the brakes.

Based on advanced computer data, the study found that hard braking events happened 26.63 times per thousand miles travelled in Buffalo. In Rochester, the number was 23.27 and in Syracuse it was only 19.02. Perhaps related, both Rochester and Syracuse performed better than Buffalo in auto accident insurance claims. Notably, a Buffalo-based insurance claims adjuster told reporters that rear-end collisions are the most common accident reported in the city.

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