Two People Injured in Tonawanda, NY Truck Accident

two accident vehices almost climbing eachother

According to a report from 2 WGRZ News, two people have been injured in a commercial truck accident in the Town of Tonawanda. The morning crash occurred at the intersection of Belmont Avenue and Sheridan Drive near the Ken-Ton Family YMCA.

Both the driver and passenger of the jeep were transported to the Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) with serious injuries. However, the truck driver did not sustain injuries in the collision. The truck accident is still under investigation and anyone with information is encouraged to contact the police.

Large Trucks Pose a Disproportionate Risk to Occupants of Passenger Vehicles

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that the average fully loaded tractor-trailer weighs 35,000 pounds—more than ten times the size of the average passenger vehicle. When trucking accidents happen, occupants of passenger vehicles often bear the brunt of the impact. While truck drivers also face risks, it is not uncommon to see accidents like the recent one in Tonawanda. Truck drivers are sometimes able to walk away from a collision that causes severe injuries to occupants of standard-sized vehicles.

More Than 80 Percent of People Killed in Collisions Are Outside of the Truck

For reference, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that 72 percent of all people killed in truck accidents in 2017 were inside a passenger vehicle. Another 10 percent of the victims were pedestrians or bicyclists. The remaining 18 percent were occupants of the commercial truck. The NHTSA data is similar for non-fatal accidents. Approximately 80 percent of the people who suffer severe injuries in tractor-trailer accidents are occupants of passenger vehicles, pedestrians, or bicyclists.

Large Trucks Must Be Operated With the Highest Level of Care

In light of the disproportionate risk that large trucks pose to the general public, it is imperative that all parties involved in the operation take proper safety precautions. The duty extends far beyond the truck driver—all companies involved in trucking operations must ensure that they are keeping the highest level of safety in mind. Failure to do so puts innocent people at serious risk.

Sadly, in far too many cases, big companies put profits before people. They cut corners on safety and put people at serious risk. Negligent truck drivers and trucking companies can be held legally liable for the harm that they cause. If you were hurt in a crash with a large truck, an experienced attorney can help you get justice and full financial compensation.

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