Three People Injured in Late Night Crash at Buffalo, NY Intersection

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According to a report from WGRZ Channel 2, the Buffalo Police Department recently investigated an overnight crash that resulted in at least three injuries on Apr 26, 2020. A spokesperson for law enforcement noted that the car accident occurred at the intersection of East Ferry Street and Michigan Avenue in Buffalo’s Cold Springs neighborhood.

The collision was significant. A Chevrolet Silverado that was involved in the crash rolled over several times, striking other vehicles that were parked along the road. All three people involved in the accident were transported to a local medical center. Fortunately, their injuries were relatively modest and they were all released the following morning.

Nearly 40% of Multi-Vehicle Accidents Occur at Intersections

Intersections are high risk areas for multi-vehicle collisions. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) conducted a comprehensive study of crash factors, finding that nearly 40 percent of all multi-vehicle crashes happen at intersections. In conducting the analysis, public safety researchers reviewed more than 750,000 intersection-related collisions. Here are the top four reasons why accidents happen at intersections:

1. Driver Inattention:

Approximately half of all intersection-related accidents occur because one of the drivers failed to take the time to look in every direction before entering the intersection. In other words, they simply did not notice the presence of the other vehicle. Distracted driving and inattentive driving are serious highway safety problems.

2. False Assumptions:

NHTSA researchers found that the second most common reason why accidents occur at intersections is because one driver made a false assumption about another vehicle. Most often, the driver incorrectly assumed that the other person was going to stop.

3. Illegal Maneuvers:

Two most common examples of illegal maneuvers that happen at intersections are running red lights and running stop signs. By definition, an illegal maneuver is a negligent maneuver. New York drivers have an obligation to follow all applicable state and local traffic regulations.

4. Obstructed View:

Finally, nearly eight percent of intersection accidents are caused by an obstructed view. Obstructed views happen for many different reasons. As an example, a driver may decide to make a turn even though a large truck is blocking their ability to see the lane they are turning into. This is negligence.

Major intersection accidents require a professional investigation. If you or your family member was seriously injured in an intersection-related crash, you may be able to step outside of New York’s ‘no-fault’ insurance system and hold the negligent driver liable for your damages. To do so, you would need strong and compelling evidence that proves their culpability for the crash.

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