Compared to most other body parts, the human brain is uniquely sensitive to damage from external impact. Even worse, it cannot always heal on its own from severe trauma. Because of this, accidents that lead to traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) often have long-term and debilitating consequences. On top of this, civil litigation to recover for losses resulting from a TBI is especially complex.

If you sustained any kind of brain injury because another person acted irresponsibly, speaking with a Williamsville traumatic brain injury lawyer about your legal options should be a priority. While financial compensation alone may not restore you to your pre-accident condition, a skilled catastrophic injury attorney can still help you mitigate the impact of various short-term and long-term losses on your quality of life.

Getting Paid for the Long-Term Effects of TBIs

Unfortunately, traumatic brain injuries can be challenging to identify in many situations. This is because injuries of this kind manifest differently in each individual and do not always produce any noticeable signs or symptoms for hours or even days after the initial trauma. With this in mind, it is vital to seek professional medical care immediately after any accident resulting in head or neck trauma, to check whether any serious harm has occurred.

The costs of emergency medical care and future rehabilitative treatments can be incorporated into a comprehensive lawsuit or settlement demand, as well as other long-term losses related to a TBI, including:

  • Lost ability to work
  • Costs of home/vehicle modifications
  • Costs of in-home assistance
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Psychological trauma
  • Lost consortium and/or enjoyment of life

A Williamsville TBI attorney can go into further detail about potentially compensable damages during a private consultation.

Possible Obstacles to Recovering Compensation After a TBI

Anyone who wants to hold someone else legally accountable for causing brain trauma must follow all the same rules that apply to civil claims built around less serious injuries. Primarily, this means they must prove someone else was legally negligent by establishing that they directly caused them harm by violating a duty of care they were owed.

It is also sometimes necessary to show that a TBI victim bears no fault themselves for causing or unnecessarily worsening the harm they sustained. Otherwise, a court might assign the injured party a percentage of total responsibility for their accident and reduce their available compensation in proportion to that percentage.

Additionally, there is a three-year statute of limitations for most prospective injury plaintiffs in New York. The time limit begins from when the injury first occurred and applies equally to people with minor injuries and individuals who suffer more catastrophic forms of harm. This makes having timely assistance from a skilled Williamsville attorney especially crucial to building a strong claim after a traumatic brain injury.

Let a Williamsville Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Help You Pursue Compensation

Serious brain trauma can change the course of your and your family’s lives at a moment’s notice. Anyone who causes someone else to suffer harm like this through negligent conduct should bear the financial burden of paying for ensuing losses.

Having a tenacious Williamsville traumatic brain injury lawyer in your corner throughout every stage of your legal proceedings is key to getting the best possible case result. Learn more by calling Richmond Vona, LLC today. Our team is here for you.

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