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Premises Liability Cases

“A premises liability case is something where a person encounters a hazard on a property, and that defect on the property causes an injury to somebody. Three things have to be proven: first, that there’s a defect on the property; second, that the owner knew or should have known about this defect (we call that notice); and third, that the defect causes injury to somebody.

There are several things that an injured person can do to help their case. They need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible after they’re injured. Insurance adjusters always look at what we refer to as gaps in treatment; they’re always going to push back and say, ‘How do we know this person injured themselves on the property in question?’ While on the scene, if they can capture photographs of any of the defects, that would be helpful—somebody may come by after the fact and repair the defect in question. Also, if there are any witnesses around, it’d be great if they can grab their names and numbers so that their attorney can contact these people.

The next thing to do after that is to call a well-qualified personal injury attorney. You do need to hire an attorney for this type of case. Insurance companies do not have your best interest in mind; they may try to settle your claim under your feet for way less value than what you may be entitled to. You want to make sure you don’t miss any deadlines, and an attorney obviously is going to be up on what those deadlines are. These are all important things that an attorney can guide you through.

What we do uniquely well is we jump right into the investigation. We send out letters of representation and preservation to preserve any video footage. We check with other businesses that might be nearby that could have picked it up. We go to the scene to investigate ourselves. If you feel that you’ve been injured through the negligence of someone else, give Richmond Vona a call. We’ll have your back.”

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