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Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

“From the second that you’re injured in a motor vehicle accident, there are a variety of deadlines that, if not met, could severely limit your benefits or totally eliminate them altogether. This is why it’s so important that immediately after an accident, you first check on yourself, make sure there’s a police report, accept the treatment, and make sure you’re calling a personal injury attorney.

If your accident happened on the road, we can help. We make sure the insurance companies are not allowed to talk to you, ensure that the insurance company doesn’t take information from you that they’re not entitled to, and that they are forced to pay what’s reasonable and what’s right under the circumstances. If a settlement cannot be reached, you can feel assured knowing that our firm is made up of a team of trial lawyers who will go into the courtroom and tell your story to a jury.

Even if you think that you may be somewhat at fault, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a case or that you can’t recover for your injuries. If you’ve been in a car accident, you should contact our law firm. All you have to do is focus on going to your doctor’s appointments and keeping the lines of communication open with us, while we focus on getting you the best settlement possible. No one expects to get in a car accident, but if you are in a car accident, you can expect that Richmond Vona will have your back.”

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