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How is a Car Accident Settlement Determined?

“If you’ve been injured in a car accident, the insurance company is going to do whatever it can to try and pay you as little as possible. This is why it’s critical to hire an experienced car accident attorney who understands what your case is truly worth and knows how to prevent the insurance company from settling your case for pennies on the dollar.

Ultimately, the insurance company tries to value your case merely by reviewing your medical records to see what your injuries and diagnoses are, how much treatment you’ve had, and what type of treatment you’ve had. This is why it is critical for someone injured in a car accident to receive the proper care and treatment every step of the way.

However, at Richmond Vona, we know that medical records never tell the full story. They don’t explain how injuries from a car crash impact every aspect of your life. We make sure that insurance companies fully understand how your injuries from your car accident have affected your life and work hard to ensure that the insurance company settles your case for a full and fair value.”

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