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How Does a Car Accident Lawsuit Work?

“If the insurance company does not agree to a fair settlement, a car accident lawsuit will likely need to be filed. A car accident lawsuit can be quite complex and first involves the filing of a summons and complaint in a timely manner. This is then followed by the exchanging of evidence between both sides, known as the discovery phase. This phase includes the exchange of documents and the taking of depositions of all parties and fact witnesses.

Following the discovery phase, there will likely be motions filed by the at-fault driver’s attorney arguing why an injured person’s lawsuit should be dismissed. If the case does not settle during discovery or after motions are decided by the judge, the case will proceed to trial. Ultimately, there are certain legal standards that must be met for an injured person to win a car accident lawsuit.

So, it’s really important to hire an experienced personal injury attorney who will fight hard to get you the highest possible settlement or try your case in front of a jury.”

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