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Construction Accident Cases

I grew up in a construction family. My father is a mason by trade and started his own masonry business when I was really, really young. Having grown up in that world with my father being on a lot of different job sites, I got to know a lot of the different trades in the industry. Unfortunately, I also saw people get hurt.

One of my earliest memories of my father was when he was working on one of the major projects in Western New York. I very distinctly remember a day when he received a phone call. He was only speaking for a few moments, then he dropped the phone, went to his knees, and started crying. One of his closest friends, who he had worked with for years, had fallen on the job site and unfortunately passed away as a result of the injuries he suffered. I remember thinking at the time, and I still carry this with me, just how incredibly dangerous these sites are.

Due to the nature of construction sites, we see some really serious injuries—everything from spinal cord injuries causing paralysis to traumatic brain injuries. We see other types of injuries like fractures, serious sprains, strains, and we have represented the families of people who passed away.

I have been representing injured workers in construction cases since the very first day I was a lawyer. We are very fortunate to have several attorneys with extensive experience in construction accident litigation, some of whom have even worked in construction in the past. We now have attorneys at our firm who, prior to joining us, defended construction companies, general contractors, and subcontractors, so we have a wealth of experience.

So many times there’s pressure on workers in the construction field to work through pain, to work through injury. It’s an unfortunate reality of that industry, but it happens. If you feel that you’re hurt and you believe that you’ve injured yourself on a construction site, go seek medical attention. If you ask for it, you can’t be refused. Please give us a call. We’ll get involved right away. We have an action plan in place, we have our experts, our investigators ready to mobilize at any minute, and we’d be privileged to represent you and your family.

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