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Guests and visitors rightfully expect to be safe when they enter public or private property. However, a dangerous slip, trip, or fall can change that, leaving victims with expensive medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering.

The Rochester premises liability lawyers at Richmond Vona, LLC, can pursue damages from a negligent property owner for you. We can also deal with the insurance company, which may not want to pay you what it costs to heal from the accident.

Our personal injury lawyers in Rochester are ready to represent you. Call us today for a free consultation. We can work on your case at no upfront cost, and we only get paid if you receive compensation.

Why Should You Seek Damages for a Premises Liability Injury?

If negligent conditions on a property cause you to slip, trip, or fall, you can hold the property owner accountable. However, you should not pay for losses you did not cause. New York requires property owners to keep their premises in a reasonably safe condition.

If a hazard cannot be addressed in a reasonable time, they must warn visitors about it. They should also inspect the property regularly to check for potential hazards. These duties also apply to those who own, occupy, or oversee a property.

Our Rochester Premises Liability Claim Lawyers Will Seek Your Full Recovery

We have helped hundreds of clients recover more than $175 million in compensation in personal injury cases, including more than $17 million in jury verdicts alone.

As our case results show, some of these awards were for premises liability injuries:

  • A $200,000 settlement for a slip-and-fall accident
  • A $140,000 settlement for a premises liability incident
  • A $100,000 settlement for a trip and fall injury

We can handle cases involving various types of premises liability claims, such as:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Trip and fall accidents
  • Negligent security
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Ice or snow-related accidents
  • Dog bite injuries
  • Amusement park accidents
  • Retail store accidents
  • Hazardous exposure (e.g., asbestos, toxic chemicals)

Our Law Firm Can Work on Your Case Without Upfront Fees

Unexpected accidents are often stressful for people, and some may feel extra pressure if they don’t have the money to pay for legal representation. We understand this, so our premises liability lawyers in Rochester work on a contingency fee basis. We can work on your case without any upfront fees, and we do not get paid unless you receive compensation.

You can talk with us today to find out how we can help you seek an insurance settlement award or a court-ordered judgment. Call the team at Richmond Vona, LLC, today for a free consultation.


You Have a Limited Time to File Your Compensation Lawsuit

If you want to take legal action for an injury, you generally have three years from the accident date or the decedent’s death date, per NY CPLR § 214. We can tell you if your case involves exceptions that could make the statute of limitations deadline longer or shorter.

The sooner we hear from you, the sooner we can build your case and ensure we file your lawsuit on time. Once the deadline expires, you risk losing your right to sue the liable party for your financial recovery.

Recoverable Damages in a Rochester Premises Liability Case

An accident can affect you in multiple ways, and you deserve financial awards to help you recover from all of them. We will consider the nature and extent of your injuries while we determine how much compensation we can pursue from the liable party.

Common recoverable damages in these cases include:

  • Medical expenses: This covers the money you spend on treatments, hospital visits, operations, rehabilitative therapy, or any vital medical care your injury requires.
  • Lost income: This is money you didn’t earn because your injury kept you from returning to work.
  • Decreased future earning ability: If a lasting injury affects your future work capacity, you might get compensation for the expected decrease in your ability to earn money.
  • Pain and suffering: You could recover payment for the mental or emotional pain you’ve gone through after the accident. Pain and suffering cover losses like emotional distress, sadness, anxiety, loss of enjoyment of life, and reduced quality of life.
  • Disability-related expenses: This includes the costs for things like medical devices, in-home care, and changes to your home to make it accessible if you have a disability after an injury.
  • Wrongful death expenses: If the accident caused a loved one’s death, the compensation might cover funeral costs, medical expenses before death, lost earnings, and the loss of emotional support and companionship.
  • Property damage: If your belongings were damaged or destroyed in the accident, you can seek payment for repairs and replacement costs of these items.

How We Can Help Your Rochester Premises Liability Case

When you come to our Rochester premises liability lawyers, you will get the personalized attention your case deserves. We will take care of all tasks while you focus on recovering from the accident. This includes legal paperwork, filing deadlines, and communications with other relevant parties.

Our team will keep you up to date on your case’s status, answer your questions, and address your concerns. We will also:

  • Investigate the accident: We will conduct a thorough review to determine what happened and why.
  • Collect case evidence: We will use supporting evidence to establish your account of the accident. This evidence could include incident reports, medical records, eyewitness statements, maintenance records, surveillance footage, photographs, etc.
  • Identify liable parties: Determining who’s responsible for your injuries could be a complex matter. The property owner may be one of multiple parties you could sue for compensation. Other liable parties include landlords, tenants, property managers, maintenance companies, etc.
  • Assess your damages: We will review all damages that you suffered and determine how much compensation you could seek from the liable party.
  • Communicate with the insurer: We can lead negotiation talks with the insurer for a favorable settlement that meets your needs.
  • Prepare and file a lawsuit: If we cannot settle your case, we could file legal action and take your premises liability claim to court.
  • Fight for your financial recovery in court: Your full recovery is our priority. If we must fight for your compensation at trial, we will do it.

We Must Show How the Property Owner Is Liable for Your Injury

We will set out to prove how the property owner’s failure to meet the standard of care is responsible for your accident. To do that, these four elements of a negligence claim must be present in your case:

  • Duty of care: The property owner or occupier has a legal obligation to ensure all lawful visitors are safe on the property. They must keep the grounds free of conditions that could cause harm.
  • Breach of duty: The property owner breaches this duty by failing to ensure the property’s safety. This could involve not fixing a hazard they know about, such as a broken stair or hand railing, not cleaning up a spill promptly, or failing to warn visitors of potential dangers.
  • Causation: The breach of duty must directly cause the plaintiff’s injury. This means proving the injury wouldn’t have happened if the property had been kept in a safe condition.
  • Damages: Finally, the plaintiff must have suffered actual harm from the breach. This includes physical injuries, medical expenses, lost income, and other financial or emotional losses.

What If a Property Owner Wasn’t on the Premises When the Accident Happened?

If a property owner wasn’t on-site when you were injured, you can still hold them liable. Your case must show how they were negligent in maintaining a safe environment.

Liability doesn’t require the owner’s physical presence. However, it hinges on whether they knew or should have known about the dangerous condition and failed to address it. Owners are also responsible for ensuring employees receive proper training and supervision to satisfy the duty of care requirement, even in their absence.

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