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A car accident can change victims’ lives in ways they least expect. They have a lot to consider – expenses, lost income, and recovery time. Figuring out how to move forward can be overwhelming when they are healing from painful injuries.

If you have been in a traffic collision, a Rochester personal injury lawyer from Richmond Vona, LLC, can fight for your damages while you recover. We will handle your case and work for a favorable outcome. Our Rochester car accident lawyer will also lead talks with the insurance company, which is not on your side.

We urge you to talk to us before you talk to them. Call us today for a free consultation to learn about your legal options. We can represent you at no upfront cost and get paid only if you recover compensation.

When Is it Time to Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

You can consult with a car accident attorney about the collision for any reason, and the best time to do it is now. If any of the following applies to you, you can contact us today:

  • You have serious injuries that require medical care and extended recovery.
  • You’re losing income because your injuries won’t allow you to work.
  • There’s a dispute over who caused the crash.
  • The at-fault driver’s insurance company challenges your claim that its client caused the accident.
  • Your car’s damages cost more than what the insurance company wants to pay.
  • The auto accident involves complex liability issues.
  • You want an attorney who can handle paperwork, meet filing deadlines, and take care of other case-related tasks.

We encourage you to reach out to us now to discuss your case, especially if an insurer has contacted you about a settlement offer. Our car accident lawyers in Rochester can tell you if this offer will meet your needs before you talk to an insurance company.

How Our Rochester Car Accident Injury Lawyers Can Help Your Case

Richmond Vona, LLC, has recovered more than $175 million for hundreds of clients who trusted us with their personal injury cases. Our case results include six- and seven-figure settlements, including one for $1.2 million and another for $825,000 for motor vehicle accidents.

We care about our clients and fight hard to secure the compensation that helps them rebuild their lives after a devastating event. Auto collisions are costly, so we pursue every opportunity to make negligent parties pay for their reckless actions.

Call us today for a free consultation. We will review the accident, answer your questions with straightforward advice, and explain the next steps to take.

We Will Address the Insurance and Liability Issues in Your Case

New York follows a “no-fault” system for motor vehicle accidents. This means drivers must first turn to their personal injury insurance (PIP) to cover accident-related medical bills and income loss. All state drivers must carry the minimum amount of auto insurance.

Drivers with serious injuries beyond their PIP policy limits can seek more compensation from the liable party outside the no-fault system. They can also seek payment for non-physical damages that PIP doesn’t cover, such as pain and suffering.

Our legal team can take on an insurer refusing to cover your losses, even if it’s your insurer. We can also tell you if you meet the serious injury threshold, which allows you to step outside the no-fault system.

How Comparative Negligence Applies to New York Car Collisions

You can still recover damages if you bear some responsibility for the accident. New York operates under a pure comparative negligence system. This means if more than one party is partially at fault for a crash, they share liability based on their percentage of fault.

If you collect a monetary award, your percentage of fault will be deducted from it. For example, if your award is $10,000 but you are 25% at fault, you would recover $7,500. We will present your case to show how the other party was negligent and advocate for the proper compensation for you.

Other Ways Our Rochester Motor Vehicle Attorneys Can Help

Hiring a car accident lawyer can protect your rights and ensure a professional is looking out for your interests. When you hire Richmond Vona, LLC, to represent you, we will:

Investigate the Accident and Determine Who Should Cover Your Damages

Everyone who drives in Rochester owes everyone else on the road a duty of care. If someone’s reckless actions caused the crash, you can hold them responsible. We will thoroughly investigate to learn how the accident occurred.

This involves collecting evidence, which can include:

  • The police report
  • Witness statements
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Items from the accident scene
  • Cellphone records
  • Traffic cam surveillance footage

We may also learn of other parties we can hold liable depending on the crash, such as:

  • Auto manufacturers if a defective car part caused the crash, such as faulty brakes
  • Mechanic shops or service providers if workers made vehicle repairs incorrectly
  • Employers if a driver was working on the clock when the accident occurred
  • Government entities responsible for the road’s condition, signage, maintenance
  • Other road users, including other drivers, cyclists, or pedestrians

Assess Your Case’s Monetary Value

We will pursue all the damages you can claim after a car accident. You can seek compensation for your current financial costs and those you anticipate. These economic damages include medical expenses, future medical care, lost income, and property damage.

Your non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, have no specific dollar amount, but they affect the quality of your life. After we determine how much your injuries and losses are worth, we can assign a value to your case and seek compensation.

Wrongful Death Damages in Fatal Auto Collisions

If your loved one suffered fatal injuries in a car accident, we are sorry for your loss. Our Rochester wrongful death lawyer will take care of your family’s needs.

We will prepare your New York wrongful death claim to recover costs, such as your loved one’s:

  • Final arrangements (funeral and burial/cremation costs)
  • Accident-related medical care
  • Lost household income
  • Other related losses

We can explain how wrongful death actions work in New York and advise you on which family members can pursue recovery.

New York Car Accident Lawsuits Have a Filing Deadline

Another reason to talk with a Rochester car accident lawyer from our firm right after a car accident is that you have a limited time to file a damages lawsuit. New York generally allows only three years from the accident date or the decedent’s death date to seek financial recovery with a lawsuit (NY CPLR § 214(5)).

If you don’t meet this deadline, you risk losing your right to sue. If limited exceptions apply to your case, this could change your filing time. After we review your case, we can confirm whether you have more or less time to file.

Call Today About a Rochester Car Accident – Free Consultation

We are ready to talk with you about the collision in Rochester and learn how we can help you with an auto accident claim or a lawsuit. We take our clients seriously, offering them legal counsel and support that puts their needs first.

Contact Richmond Vona, LLC, today for a free consultation. We serve communities throughout Western New York and have helped many people recover from auto accidents. We are ready to get to work for you.

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