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The catastrophic injury lawyers in Niagara Falls want to help survivors like you hold negligent parties accountable for the behavior that put you in harm’s way. If you’re struggling to pay medical bills after a catastrophic injury, get in touch with Richmond Vona, LLC. Our team can break down your right to support and advocate for you in and out of civil court.

Our personal injury lawyers in Niagara Falls have over 350 years of combined experience defending survivors’ rights to financial aid. We offer highly individualized approaches to the civil system that are designed to emphasize your right to long-term support. We do not let defendants get away with the negligence that transformed your life.

You can book a free personal injury case evaluation with our team today.

What is a Catastrophic Injury?

Catastrophic injuries stand apart from the rest of personal injuries because of the long-term impact that they can have on a person’s life. Catastrophic, as a term, tends to describe injuries that have a temporary or permanent effect on a person’s ability to meet their daily needs. These injuries are often as a result of severe accidents, such as truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, and construction accidents.

Disabilities, including short-term and long-term paralysis, blindness, and amputation, all constitute catastrophic injuries. Other catastrophic injuries can include severe spinal damage, burns of all degrees, and broken bones.

If you’re struggling to classify the injuries you suffered in a recent accident, you can work with both medical professionals and personal injury attorneys in Niagara Falls to break down the nature of your case.

How Can You Financially Recover From a Catastrophic Injury?

Catastrophic injuries can, unfortunately, do damage to more than your body. These injuries often require significant medical treatment if you’re going to recover. If you are already contending with financial difficulties, the cost of your recovery may permanently impact your financial health.

The catastrophic injury attorneys in Niagara Falls understand how devastating the unexpected bills that come with a catastrophic injury can become. That’s why we want to help you forge the path toward recovery that doesn’t compromise your financial health. To do so, we recommend that you take the following steps:

Delegate Your Responsibilities

You have a community of professionals and loved ones around you who want to help you recover from a catastrophic injury. Richmond Vona, LLC, recommends that you take advantage of that community throughout your recovery. Our attorneys can become part of that community by assuming responsibility for the legal aspects of your recovery.

You can reach out to a personal injury lawyer within hours of a catastrophic reaction. Someone you care about may even have the opportunity to call an attorney on your behalf.

Summoning an attorney early in the legal process allows you to more effectively defend yourself against an insurance provider’s attempts to minimize your losses. We can also gather the evidence needed to prove liability later down the line.

Take Advantage of Professional Medical Advice

The medical professionals who help you recover after a catastrophic injury accident can help you outline a recovery plan that prioritizes your comfort and long-term health. We recommend that you work with these parties in order to take care of your physical health as well as your legal well-being.

How can medical professionals contribute to the legal action you plan to take against an offending party? Medical professionals, in their efforts to recommend a track toward recovery, establish professional opinions about your accident and injuries.

You can request that these parties elaborate on those opinions when building a personal injury claim against the party responsible for your accident. Medical professionals can subsequently serve as expert witnesses as you move to take a personal injury claim forward in civil court.

Carefully Collaborate With Insurance Claims Adjusters

The party that caused your catastrophic injury accident may have insurance. This means that you may have the right to work with an insurance claims adjuster to assess the value of your losses and request support accordingly. You need to be careful when working with insurance claims adjusters, though, as they rarely have your best interests at heart.

Insurance claims adjusters want to save their corporations money. They will do so by minimizing your losses or even outright denying your catastrophic injury claim. You don’t have to stand for this bad-faith behavior, though. When you’re working with a Niagara Falls attorney, you can count on that legal representative to fight back against a provider’s misconduct.

Use New York’s Civil Laws to Your Advantage

New York Civil Practice Law & Rules section 214 allows catastrophic injury survivors like you to take no more than three years to compose a personal injury claim. We recommend that you work with a Niagara Falls catastrophic injury attorney throughout that three-year period to balance your need to recuperate with your rights to file a personal injury claim.

Richmond Vona, LLC, Wants to Support You

You deserve compensation for catastrophic injury losses sustained due to someone else’s misconduct. Let Richmond Vona, LLC, fight for justice on your behalf. You can connect with our Niagara Falls catastrophic injury lawyers today to discuss how to bring a personal injury claim against the party liable for your injuries.

Richmond Vona, LLC, always advocates for its clients’ right to maximize their personal injury compensation. You can count on our team to transparently outline your right to damages. We serve as your advocates in and out of court until your case is resolved. Contact us today to book a free case evaluation with our team.

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