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Does your family need legal help after discovering an act of nursing home neglect? In this situation, you can turn to a New York nursing home neglect lawyer from Richmond Vona, LLC. We provide compassionate care and legal advice in these cases.

You can count on us to stand up for your family and help you seek compensation to cover all your losses. Your New York personal injury lawyer will maintain open communication and focus on your family’s best interests.

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When Should You Contact a Nursing Home Neglect Attorney?

Many families trust nursing homes to care for aging or infirm loved ones. Unfortunately, caregivers in these facilities may neglect their patients, leading to serious health concerns. You may have cause for concern if you notice these signs of neglect:

  • Bedsores, dehydration, malnutrition, or other medical issues that nursing home staff fail to address properly
  • Your loved one experiencing falls, injuries, or accidents due to a lack of supervision or unsafe conditions
  • Misuse of chemical or physical restraints without medical need
  • Medication errors or failure to administer necessary medications
  • Lack of hygiene, such as dirty clothes, bedding, or living conditions
  • A noticeable decline in physical or mental health since admission

Basically, any situation where the quality of care is poor, negligent, or seems intentionally harmful to a resident should prompt consultation with a New York nursing home neglect attorney. The lawyer can investigate and hold the facility accountable.

Your lawyer can also provide information about steps to take to remove your loved one from a dangerous situation.

How does a Nursing Home Lawyer Help in New York?

Your New York nursing home neglect lawyer can assist with all aspects of your legal claim. We provide compassionate care to you and the family member who experienced the effects of neglect. Our team can:

Investigate Nursing Home Neglect

Your nursing home neglect lawyer in New York can thoroughly investigate allegations of neglect by:

  • Interviewing the victim and family members
  • Reviewing medical records
  • Examining the facility, staffing, and policies

We strive to identify lapses in care, working to pinpoint specific instances and patterns of neglect, mistakes, abuse, or substandard care provided at the nursing home.

Develop the Legal Case

Based on the evidence gathered, your lawyer can build a strong legal case demonstrating how the nursing home breached its duty of care and caused harm through neglect. We present this case to bring your family compensation.

Experienced nursing home lawyers have specialized knowledge to maximize financial recovery in damages for pain, suffering, and past and future medical costs your loved one faces.

Resolving Your Nursing Home Neglect Claim

Many nursing home neglect cases settle out of court. Your lawyer leverages findings to negotiate fair compensation through a settlement.

However, if a lawyer cannot reach a reasonable settlement, your New York nursing home attorney can file a formal lawsuit against the nursing home to hold them accountable.

For cases that go to trial, lawyers handle all aspects of litigation, including court filings, evidence presentation, and questioning witnesses.

Why Select Us for Your Nursing Home Abuse Claim?

You can work with dedicated professionals at Richmond Vona, LLC, after an act of nursing home neglect. We truly get to know your family, providing transparency and compassion as we build a claim to bring your loved one compensation.

We’ve adopted technological advances to continue to give our clients an edge when handling complicated legal claims, including nursing home neglect cases. We maintain a smaller caseload, giving us more time to focus on your specific needs.

We believe in accountability and focusing on the details of each case to deliver serious results. We’ve brought clients over $175 million and have over 30 years of combined experience to offer you.

Who Is Liable for New York Nursing Home Neglect?

Your nursing home neglect attorney in New York can identify the parties at fault for your loved one’s injuries and losses. Depending on your situation, we may file a claim against:

The Nursing Home Facility

You may have a claim against the nursing home facility for negligence in screening, training, or supervising staff, as well as providing unsafe conditions. The claim may name the owners and license holders. These companies often push for profits, putting patients at risk.

Individual Nursing Home Staff Members

You may pursue a direct claim against specific nurses, aides, administrators, or staff members who engaged in negligent care or abuse.

Additionally, if external doctors or healthcare providers failed to properly treat the resident, they could potentially bear liability. These professionals may engage in acts that qualify as medical malpractice.

Other Negligent Parties

Some nursing homes hire outside companies to handle management and operations. You may file a claim against these companies, insurers, or parent entities if the nursing home belongs to a larger chain.

An experienced New York nursing home neglect lawyer can review the case specifics to determine all individuals and entities that had a duty to care for the victim but failed to uphold the standard of care. Multiple parties can share liability in some cases.

How Long do You Have to File a Nursing Home Neglect Claim?

Generally, you must file a nursing home abuse claim before the statute of limitations expires in New York. Therefore, you’ll have a few years to move forward with help from a nursing home neglect lawyer in New York.

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