What Damages Can I Collect for a Motorcycle Accident?

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, you’ve undoubtedly experienced intense physical, emotional, and financial upheaval. The road to recovery is long, and making ends meet with time away from work adds further strain.

Our Buffalo motorcycle accident lawyer have decades of experience advocating for clients harmed in collisions like yours. While no settlement can fully remedy your suffering, financial compensation is meant to ease practical burdens by covering medical bills and lost wages. It also acknowledges pain and reduced quality of life.

This guide provides an overview of your potential rights and the damages you may be able to collect after a motorcycle accident. We hope to provide clarity so you can move forward and make an informed decision.

Recoverable Damages In Your Case

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you have likely faced immense physical, emotional, and financial burdens. The road to recovery can be long and arduous, with costs piling up and time lost from work adding further strain.

A lawyer understands how to thoroughly calculate the damages and pursue the maximum value of your claim so you are not left with unpaid expenses down the line.

There are several categories of financial losses recoverable through a motorcycle accident claim that can help provide relief:

Medical Expenses

All past and future costs for doctors’ visits, surgeries, medications, physical therapy, medical equipment, and more are recoverable. Major injuries often involve very high medical bills over an extended period.

Lost Wages

If injuries prevent you from working, you can receive compensatory damages for income lost during recovery. Long-term effects on your ability to earn a living can also be claimed.

Pain and Suffering

No settlement can undo physical and emotional suffering, but this category aims to fairly compensate for everything from grueling hospital stays to long-term discomfort.

Property Damage

The cost to repair or replace your motorcycle, personal property, helmet, and other gear are all factors that will be considered.

Other damages, such as loss of consortium, loss of enjoyment of life, or scarring and disfigurement, may apply in your case. Your motorcycle accident lawyer can thoroughly evaluate the damages in your specific case.

Documenting a Disability After a Motorcycle Crash

If the accident has left you with a permanent disability or impairment, it’s important to provide evidence of the impact on your daily life. Working with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney can help ensure your documentation substantiates all damages.

Our lawyers know the specific evidence needed to fully support claims for lost income, medical costs, disability, and more. We will guide you on properly collecting records and connecting with experts to build a strong case, qualifying you for full and fair financial compensation.

Establishing Future Medical Needs

As some injuries demand lifelong treatment, your motorcycle accident lawyer can help gather the evidence needed to substantiate ongoing medical costs you are likely to encounter in the future:

Follow-up appointments

Doctors can estimate the frequency and costs of periodic care over the remainder of your lifetime to manage ongoing issues.

Special Equipment or Services

Documenting lifelong requirements for items like braces, wheelchairs, home health aides, or house modifications allows accounting for all budget impacts.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Maximize The Compensation You Recover

When you’ve suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle accident, it’s critical to maximize your financial compensation. An experienced personal injury attorney will fight assertively on your behalf to recover the highest possible settlement. We understand all available avenues for damages payment, such as health insurance limits as well as driver’s auto policy coverage.

We negotiate aggressively with insurance carriers and defend you against claims of liability made against you. If negotiations fail to yield a favorable outcome, our lawyers will not hesitate to pursue the matter in court.

We work closely with medical experts and economic analysts to comprehensively document the long-term impacts on health, earnings capacity, and quality of life. With a thorough investigation of the crash, our team builds strong cases that compel top-dollar settlements from responsible parties and their insurers.

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney to Learn About The Recoverable Damages in Your Claim

We know recovering from accident injuries is a challenging journey, both physically and emotionally. At Richmond Vona, our priority is making the legal process as smooth as possible so you can focus your energy on healing.

Our compassionate attorneys are ready to discuss your case and determine the best path forward without obligation. You deserve full compensation for damages caused by no fault of your own. With experienced advocates in your corner, insurance providers will understand the merits of your claim.

Whether you have questions or want to explore your legal options, please contact Richmond Vona today. We are here to ensure you receive the justice and support you need. You have our word; we will fight to make you whole again.

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