Can Construction Accidents Include Premises Liability?

Construction accidents are some of the worst because they can involve severe injuries. Sometimes, the damages in these accidents can be fatal. While many construction accidents can go through work injury claims, potentially leading to workers’ compensation, some situations can result in a premises liability lawsuit.

Below, we explain the various ways that these two areas of law intertwine and what your status is to pursue compensation.

The Factors You Must Consider

While many construction accidents include negligence on the worksite and lack of safety protocols, some risks and hazards may exist beyond these two situations. Premises liability factors come into play when you consider who owns the property where workers perform the construction and whether or not there’s a danger on the site.

Construction does not always include complete projects, and it may involve something such as an addition to someone’s place of business. If there’s a danger in the home and the property owner doesn’t warn you of the potential hazard, you may suffer an injury. In this situation, you can go beyond a construction accident claim and look towards premises liability laws.

One situation that may arise is faulty wiring that causes electrocution or a fire. The property owner would be liable for injuries caused by the existing danger, not the construction company or another worker.

Your Status on the Property

Premises liability and construction accidents still rely on determining the status of the plaintiff. If you were trespassing on the property where the injury occurred, you might not recover compensation because you were illegally trespassing.

It’s essential to show that you were legally allowed to be on the property, and the owner knew of the dangers to pursue compensation through a premises liability lawsuit. In any case, it’s vital to speak with a lawyer to discover what your options are moving forward.

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