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One Man Seriously Injured After ATV Accident in Erie County

According to a report from The Buffalo News, a 45-year-old man was seriously injured in an ATV accident in Erie County. The victim was taken from the scene or the wreck via emergency air medical transport to Erie County Medical Center. Law enforcement officers believe that the crash occurred after an Arctic Cat four-wheel ATV crossed traffic, left the roadway and hit a parked car. 

Unfortunately, ATV accidents remain a serious public safety matter. Although ATVs are known as ‘all-terrain’ vehicles, they are not truly made for every type of road surface. Here, our Buffalo motor vehicle accident attorneys discuss the latest ATV safety statistics and provide an overview of your options after an accident. 

ATV Safety: Approximately 80,000 Injuries Per Year

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) considers all-terrain vehicles to be a high-risk product. The CPSC stresses that ATVs are not toys—they are powerful and potentially dangerous motor vehicles. Notably, the government agency was so concerned about ATV safety that it drafted a focused ‘ATV Action Plan’—aimed at getting manufacturers and distributors to improve their practices. 

In 2018, the CPSC stated that there were approximately 81,800 ATV-related emergency room visits reported in the United States. Nearly, 15,000 ATV riders required an extended hospital stay—with head injuries, shoulder injuries, and leg injuries being the primary cause. Alarmingly, children and teenagers are frequently involved in ATV accidents. The agency estimates that 26 percent of ATV accident victims are 16 years older or younger.    

Negligent Parties Can Be Held Liable for ATV Injuries

Following a serious ATV accident, the victim needs immediate medical attention. All significant motor vehicle accident injuries should be evaluated by a qualified medical professional—and all-terrain vehicle injuries are no different. From there, the ATV accident should be comprehensively investigated by an experienced professional. Depending on the circumstances, many different parties may bear liability for all or part of the crash, including: 

  • The ATV owner or operator;
  • A third party motorist;
  • A negligent property owner; and
  • The ATV distributor or manufacturer. 

As a disproportionate share of ATV accidents involve minors, these cases can be especially complicated. There are unique considerations that must be addressed. Companies, property owners, and other parties may have a heightened duty of care to protect children. As an example, an ATV owner or property owner who let young children use the dangerous vehicle without adequate supervision may be legally liable for any resulting injuries. 

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